Originally from Colorado, Brendan grew up with a love for nature, adventure, photography and movies from a very young age. Now based in Los Angeles - a place with tons of nature and film - Brendan has had the opportunity to shoot with a wide variety of directors, music artists and brands including Yogi Tea, Aviator Nation, Turtle Beach, Activision, Ubisoft, Yelawolf, Dr. Disrespect and many more. 
Brendan's favorite movie is The Secret Life of Walter Mitty (directed by Ben Stiller) as it incorporates a wholesome, heartfelt drama with a thrilling and visually stunning adventure. This type of movie is only made possible with intentional, bold and disciplined filmmaking - traits Brendan feels very strongly about, that have often allowed him the opportunity to travel to far or extreme environments to tell the best story possible. 

He continues his adventure not only in Los Angeles, but nationally and internationally as well.

direct // Brendanjosephboyle@gmail.com
Instagram // @Brendan.DP